Pa Collaborative Agreement for Crnp Prescriptive Authority

b) The CRNP notifies the Council in writing when a cooperation agreement of a prescriptive authority is updated or terminated and, where appropriate, submits to the Council the form of the agreement on the modification of the regulatory authority and the amended cooperation agreement of the prescriptive authority and pays the fee set out in § 21.253 (in respect of fees). Biennial renewal of the approval of the prescriptive authority 41 (b) A CRNP that sets its approval of the prescriptive authority to inactive status for less than 3 years is not required to meet the continuing education requirements of § 21.332(b) (with respect to the continuing education requirement) during the period during which the prescriptive authority`s approval has inactive status. When applying for reactivation of regulatory approval, the NPRC must provide evidence that it meets the training requirements for the biennium immediately preceding the reactivation application. (1) Review the current and unrestricted license or certification as a nurse issued by the appropriate licensing authority of another state, territory or possession of the United States or any other country. (ii) The scope of the prescriptive authority in the other jurisdiction corresponds to the prescriptive authority in that Commonwealth. (3) A CRNP that requests a waiver may not prescribe or dispense drugs at the end of its current prescribing authority until the board of directors has granted the request for exemption or the authorization of the prescribing authority has been renewed. (4) Development and implementation of treatment plans, including issuing orders for the implementation of treatment plans. However, only a CRNP with the current approval of the prescribing authority can develop and implement treatment plans for pharmaceutical treatments. c) A CRNP that sets its approval as a prescriptive to inactive authority for 3 years or more or whose approval expires for 3 years or more may reactivate the approval of the Prescriptive Authority by meeting one of the following conditions: (a) The certification and, if applicable, approval of a PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY of a CRNP expires at the same time as the CRNPs Registered Nurse Licence in accordance with § 21.29 (with respect to expiration and renewal). the license). (d) A CRNP whose certification has been suspended for 5 years or more must comply with the requirements of section 21.332(b) and any other requirement established by an order of the Board of Directors.

A CRNP whose regulatory approval has been suspended for 3 years or more, in addition to the requirements for the renewal of the CRNP certification, must meet the requirements of paragraph (c) and any other requirements set out in an order of the Commission. c) The provisions of this section are subject to restrictions under section 8.2 (c.2) of the Act (63 P.S. § 218.2 (c.2)) with respect to the authority of government agencies and health facilities. (a) A NCRP program must be developed and maintained under the supervision of a regionally accredited university or college or have current accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Nursing Education or the National League of Nursing. A CRNP shall carry out a particular practice or procedure only if the CRNP has the knowledge, preparations, experience and skills necessary to carry out the practice or procedure and the practice falls within the scope of the CRNP speciality and is compatible with the CRNP cooperation agreement. A CRNP must comply with § 21.18 (with respect to standards of care behaviour). (1) Orders for medicines, total parenteral nutrition and lipids in accordance with § 21.284 and 21.285 (on prescription and dispensing parameters; and limitation agreements of the prescribing authority). b) The primary responsibility for documenting the completion of training requirements rests with the NPRC. A CRNP wishing to renew its accreditation or prescriptive authority must verify compliance with continuing education requirements. Documentation on the completion of training requirements must be kept for 5 years.

The certificate issued by the course provider must be acceptable documentation. Acceptable documentation of hours obtained by § 21.334 (c) or (e) (with respect to continuing education sources) must be the Board approval letter sent to the applicant. (iii) The course must be completed within 5 years immediately preceding the date on which the applicant applies for the first approval from the prescriptive authority. (1) Name in writing the parties, including the cooperating physician, the CRNP and at least one alternate physician who will take charge of the cooperation if the cooperating physician is not available, indicate the signature of the CRNP and the cooperating physician, and indicate the date on which the agreement will be signed and the date on which the agreement will enter into force. c) A PRRC with the prescribing authority must complete at least 16 hours of Pharmacology training approved by the Board in the 2 years preceding the biennial renewal date of the certification. The CRNP reviews the completion of the training when submitting a two-year extension. (1) Meet the requirement of § 21.283 (b) (1) (in terms of authority and qualifications to prescribe, dispense and order medicines) by completing at least 45 hours of courses in advanced pharmacology. This section is cited in 49 Pa. Code § 21.283 (with regard to authority and qualifications for the prescription, dispensing and ordering of medicines); and 49 Pa.

Code § 21.369 (with respect to general program requirements). (1) The NSRP has performed medical functions and duties that go beyond the scope of activity permitted for an NSRB, go beyond the scope of the NPRC specialty or have violated the CRNPs Cooperation Agreement, as provided for in the Act and in this subchapter. (e) The CRNP does not delegate any power of prescription. (2) Submit an application to the Board of Directors for approval by the prescriptive authority. a) The prescribing authority`s cooperation agreement between a physician and an NSRC that prescribes and dispenses drugs and other medical therapeutic or corrective measures in accordance with Article 21.283(a) (in terms of authority and qualifications to prescribe, dispense and order drugs) shall meet the following requirements. The Agreement shall: (7) be reviewed and updated by the Parties at least once every 2 years or upon any amendment to the Agreement. (d) The following fees will be charged for course evaluations that require board approval pursuant to section 21.283(b)(1)(i) (with respect to the authority and qualifications to prescribe, dispense and order drugs), $285 (2) order, perform and supervise diagnostic tests for patients and, to the extent that the interpretation of diagnostic tests falls within the CRNPs specialty and in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement, can interpret diagnostic tests. .