Clayton State Registration Agreement

“This articulation agreement is another example of how well-designed collaborations can benefit many people. For students, it provides a path to a graduate degree that is clear and effective. For both academic communities, it will provide new expertise in supply chain management, the importance of which has been repeatedly emphasized during this pandemic,” said Hynes. “And for our faculties, it will provide opportunities for informal collaborations that will inevitably create opportunities for new learning for faculty and students. I am grateful to the academic leaders of both institutions for making this possible. HOPE covers about half of the mandatory royalties (the state set a cap on HOPE funds a few years ago). The student is responsible for paying the balance. A student`s admission to Clayton State University courses is subject to acceptance of all conditions of the enrollment agreement. Students must accept the mandatory requirements upon entry into the enrollment system each semester and can only enroll at that time. Students who do not agree to the terms of the enrollment agreement are not allowed to enroll in courses at Clayton State University.

Review student enrollment policies and procedures. Vaccination record: Your vaccination history should be forwarded by your doctor to the UHC form of vaccination. The form is available on the University Health Service website. If you have complete records, or if you already have records in the national registry and need to transcribe them on the correct form, there is a $5.00 fee to University Health Services. A new agreement between Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) and Clayton State University (CSU) will pave the way for GGC Business School graduates to continue their education in a growing and well-paid field. All parties involved are guilty. To access the DUCK, log in to the SWAN under We must comply with the guidelines established by the institution and / or donor of the scholarship. Unless otherwise specified by the donor, scholarships may be reimbursed to cover the cost of your life related to your registration. **Please note that registration fees or other fees may change prior to the start of the semester without notice. Payment of fees cannot be deferred and all are due and payable at check-in.

Up-to-date fee information can be found in the course syllabus or in the DUCK. Important Note: The first course day of the semester is defined as the first day of the semester included in the schedule, regardless of when the first session of a particular part of the class takes place. Full payment of tuition fees, fees, accommodation and meals is due no later than the published payment deadline, but no later than the first day of the course of each semester. Please check the completion date of the apprenticeship on the Internet or at the end of your calendar/invoice. Check important enrollment information If a financial institution refuses to pay a personal check promoted by a student and sends it back to the university, the student will be charged an NSF fee of $30.00. SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS POLICY (SAP) MOWR students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and pass at least 67% of the cumulative credit hours attempted (cumulative hours earned/cumulative hours attempted). Grades of F, W, WF, W$, U, U%, IP, IP%, I, and NR do not indicate that they have successfully completed the courses. Students who do not respond to SAP due to graduation rate and/or cumulative average may receive financial support with warning status for one semester. Students will be notified via email when they are placed in a WARNING STATUS, and no calls are required to get help with that status.

Students must meet SAP requirements at the end of their next semester of enrollment or lose MOWR eligibility. CSU President Thomas J. Hynes Jr. and GGC President Jann L. Joseph signed the articulation agreement at an online ceremony. Log in to delete courses/enrollments: How to log in step by step. To register for courses, log in to the SWAN portal/start the DUCK (icon in the toolbar)/go to Reflection Services/Register/Create/Select Course Program/follow the instructions on the page. The first access to the DUCK requires a PIN code derived from your MMDDYY birthday.

You must accept the enrollment agreement if you are trying to establish your course schedule each semester. Student Advisor: Your Graduate Program Manager advises and accompanies you throughout your graduate program. Contact your graduate program director as soon as possible for advice and information on enrollment. The name of your program director appears in your letter of admission. See the list of all current graduates. If you wish to submit a follow-up request, complete the follow-up request and submit it to the law firm (Edgewater Hall suite 239) before the publication date. For more information, please contact the office at (678) 466-4145 or email Rebecca Gmeiner, Chancellor of the University. Step 7: Attend the orientation and registration session (schedule information will be released upon acceptance). Vaccination record: Your vaccination history must be transcribed by your doctor on the UHC vaccination form. The form is available on the university`s health website. If you have full registrations or already have national registrations and need to transcribe them on the correct form, the University Health Service is subject to a fee of USD 5.00. You can submit your documents to the university`s health service. HOPE covers about half of the mandatory royalties (the state set a cap on HOPE funds a few years ago). The student is responsible for paying the balance. Personal cheques sent to the bursar`s office for cash should be sent immediately to the bank. No exceptions! No employee or student of the university may request or request a special favor to hold a cheque for a certain period of time. This violates the university`s cash register and the Bundesbank`s guidelines. House of Representatives Bill 1113, which has entered into force, stipulates that the misuse of State resources in a personal capacity shall be grounds for dismissal, fine and imprisonment. It is also aimed at employees who help others in case of violation of the law. The agreement signed today between GGC President Dr. Jann L. Joseph and CSU President Dr. Thomas J.

Hynes, Jr., will ensure a smooth transition for GGC Bachelor of Business Administration graduates to enter csu`s Master of Science in Supply Chain Analysis program. You can send your documents to the university`s health service. If you are unable to pay by the published payment deadline, you may be removed from your courses for non-payment. .