Zed Miba Agreement

Since its inception, the organization has expanded to some 180 airlines around the world, as well as more than 70 subsidiaries. ZED/MIBA Forum member airlines represent more than 90 countries and 6 continents. The management of the ZED program was merged with the MIBA program in 2001. These programmes are governed by three separate agreements: ZED/MIBA Forum Agreement, ZED Agreement and MIBA Agreement. The ZED-MIBA Forum (ZMF) is an umbrella organization consisting of ZED, which is for personal travel, and MIBA, which is for Duty Travel. The airlines join the ZED-MIBA Forum and participate either in the ZED agreement, or in the MIBA agreement, or both, as they wish. 24 The ZMF Forum ZMF Forum was established in 2002 to combine and streamline the administrative elements of the ZMF and MIBA programmes, and is subject to the ISTA 24 agreement on reciprocal travel facilities granted to their own employees and other legitimate persons, based on fixed tariff levels applicable to different distance zones. ZED/MIBA tariffs can only be combined with themselves and with ZED/MIBA tariffs if a formal agreement has been reached. See the chart on page 41.

2. Disclaimer All tariff data in this document are fictitious and are used exclusively to illustrate examples of codification of Category 25 ZED/MIBA tariffs. Rates are made available to ATPCO by the ZED/MIBA working group. The accuracy of these rate levels must be verified msc@zedmiba.org prior to the release of the data. 6 Authorized Airlines An airline may consider itself either as a full member (as an airline providing scheduled air services for its members) or as an associate member (an airline that operates air services that are not available to members who are available to them under the exporting company`s own code (with the intention of including freight, charter airlines and regular airlines, To be eligible for membership in the ZMF, an airline must comply with Articles A.1 or A.2 of the Interline Staff Travel Agreement (other details S.17 – 18) Any participating airline may include its subsidiary, subsidiary or franchise (S/A/F) under a bilateral bilateral agreement. 6 2 Will ZMF membership work for you? Do you want to connect with airlines to offer a discounted trip to your employees? Do you spend a lot of time asking for ID tickets for your employees? Do you want to reduce your administration costs? Do you want to harmonize agreements with industrial partners? 2 ZED is a multilateral agreement, an acronym for zonal staff reduction. Airlines can agree on three low, medium and high fares. Founded by seven airlines, it now has more than 170 separate companies. 2 MIBA – what is it? She manages business travel as a ZED Mission and DeadHead Crew (DHC) – what does she represent? It regulates leisure travel ISTA – Basic agreement for mandatory travel and leisure conditions Where to find it? ZED MIBA General Assembly 2018 | Dubrovnik ZED/MIBA Forum – Organigram 2013UPDATE ZED/MIBA Forum AGM Head: Luanne Stetson/AS Secretary: Mike Muller/IATA ZED-MIBA Advisor (ZMAC) Manager: Luanne Stetson/AS Secretary: Mike Muller/IATA Member Service Center Ann Farrell/IATA MSC@zedmiba.org Treasurer Ann Farrell/IATA Communications – Admin Fares Website Future of ZMF IET 33 QUIZ During the new ISTA negotiations, you must accept the repayment terms? No, because these tickets are completely non-refundable Yes Answer is B (ISTA, page 23 – C.2.e The airline must accept and complete a full or partial refund request for the fare and taxes applicable to unused parts of a ticket within one year of the original issue date.