Warn Agreement

A steering committee oversaw the development of the NMWARN agreement, which was concluded by an executive committee composed of representatives from nmrwa, the NMED Drinking Water Bureau, the NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and several water and wastewater systems. The NMWARN Agreement was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee on 12 December 2008. Once enough members have completed the agreement, a meeting will be set up to elect the members of the official NM WARN committee. This committee will then be responsible for creating the committee`s operating rules and an operational plan for the MV WARN, which will direct its operations. National WARN is being developed nationally and is proving to be a valuable resource in the event of an emergency, as utilities help other utilities respond to emergencies. WARN is a response network of the Water and Wastewater Agency that enables water and wastewater systems to quickly receive mutual assistance and assistance from other systems in the event of an emergency. Utilities sign the standard WARN agreement, which allows them to share resources with other Washington systems that have signed the agreement. For more information, visit the WAWARN website. The establishment of self-help and support networks is a fundamental principle of the national preparedness goal developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Developing agreements before a crisis occurs can improve local emergency response capacities. Another driving force behind such agreements is the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

NimS supports emergency management first at the lowest possible level, then at the state level and, if necessary, finally at the federal level. A requirement for NIMS compliance for tribal and local governments is to participate in and promote national and inter-agency mutual assistance agreements, including agreements with the private sector and non-governmental organizations. NM WARN stands for New Mexico Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network and is a private and voluntary agreement between systems to help each other in emergency situations. The NM WARN agreement builds on several other government agreements and is based on real-world experience and lessons learned from widespread disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and others. The main concept of the NM WARN is “utilities that help utilities”. If your council approves the agreement, ask the chair of council, the mayor or another duly authorized person to sign it. It is recommended that a lawyer review the agreement on behalf of the utility and sign the agreement for your protection, but this is not mandatory. Please note that the agreement has been concluded and will not be amended without the vote of the NM WARN Committee.

If your utility chooses not to have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer, please provide a second signature by an authorized person, by . B the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board. Make a copy of your records and send the original signed agreement to: This agreement sets out the rules that govern the process for requesting and providing support by water and wastewater WARNING members in the event of an emergency. Membership is open to all public or private water and wastewater providers in New Mexico, and there is no cost to implement the agreement and join NMWARN. Membership allows any public service to request or provide assistance in any type of emergency (original or natural). .