Separation Agreement Financial Disclosure Template

DETENTION – In extreme cases, if you are deliberately dishonest on your financial disclosure form, this can result in jail time. The penalty is more common in the form of verbal warnings or fines. Make no mistake, it is a serious offence, because with the signing of the financial statement for the family court, you will complete a sworn statement that is similar to under oath in court. The case law in British Columbia is often not as dramatic as Mr. McConville`s case. Secrecy is taken seriously by the courts. The judge said: “Non-disclosure of property is the cancer of the matrimonial procedure.” In addition, the Tribunal will not withdraw in the exercise of its powers. There must be supporting documentation to support the values on the financial front. This must be made available to the counterparty within 30 days of filing the financial statement. But the revelations don`t stop.

Both parties remain required to disclose this information. Is a revelation not available for the first 30 days? And will the information be disclosed after 30 days? Second, the party holding the document is still required to disclose it to the other party. Has the financial situation also changed? Then that party is required to update the other party. They must also provide supporting documentation. Financial disclosure and document-making are the information each party must provide to the other party. This is done to support the rights to custody, spouses, ownership or sole possession of marriage. It contains both the financial sheet that both parties are required to submit and all the documents necessary to verify the written values. There are two financial institution forms. Fill out the financial account that applies to your situation. In Blaney v. Blaney, the Ontario Supreme Court ordered the husband to pay fees because he consistently delayed financial disclosure. They`ve been warned! These range from kitchen table agreements to court proceedings.