Sap Mass Change Rebate Agreements

SAP SD uses packaging kits to provide product prices in a single instance, for example. B coupon or discount code. This leads to many conditions to maintain. Conditional care offers the possibility of mass changes. Due to the situation chosen for a limited price change from 01.08.2016 to 31.08.2016 with the scheduled validity period split, the situation in the second figure is our new result. Then we select the found packaging kits and set the validity period to the desired start and end date. In most cases, the start date is the date of the price change and the end date 31.12.9999 – that is, the last validity period, which always expires until further notice. While you are unlikely to need to further modify your packaging data while using SAP SD, it`s important to know how to do it if the opportunity arises. When you do the steps described above, you have an effective way to create and modify items with a template. Before the distributor enters into a purchase delivery process, an agreement must be reached with the creditor on the terms of the purchase of the items. The agreement summarizes the price conditions of the items and the billing parameters. Any agreement may involve many products and services or only an agreement.

Agreements may be national, regional, local or limited to a specific location. In the next step, you can start the VK12 transaction (change the conditions) and set the Valid On, z.B. selection setting at the beginning of the price change interval created. The agreements are very flexible and allow to change one or more price factors for discounts, such as the percentage of purchases. B, the dollar lump sum on the basis of purchases or progressive rebates retroactive to the first dollar or a combination of the above, often and be modified retroactively. They are only likely to change existing packaging data in rare cases during their current validity period. z.B. if you want to correct an error.