Exclusivity Agreement Letter

The following signatures will serve as approval and recognition of all the conditions set out in this agreement. Sales contract only use this contract model to develop your product distribution contract, whether you are the distributor or manufacturer. 1 Company Law Address – City, State PostCode Phone – Site Address… For the interest of both parties and to show the receipt and recognition of this agreement, both parties agree: for a more general sales contract that does not contain any part of the exclusivity, please read this sales agreement. A document in which one party agrees to sell goods on behalf of another party is found in this shipping contract. In this agreement, you will find a document in which one party buys goods from another party for the sole purpose of resale. Both parties acknowledge, during the duration of this agreement, that they are informed of certain information relating to the activities of the other party considered confidential. During the agreement, each party has access to certain confidential information relating to the activities of the other party. Both agree to keep all information confidential. Confidential information can also be returned to the owner upon request. PandaTip: The exclusivity agreements create a unilateral restriction that ensures that one party sells exclusively to the other and that the acquiring party does not purchase the listed goods from another party. Both parties agree that they are required to respect this exclusivity agreement in its entirety at all times. However, neither party is liable for any violation of this Agreement caused by: PandaTip: The “Standards” section of this model protects the buyer by ensuring that the delivered product is made available at any time in a new state.

Use the payment table in the model below to determine the price the buyer pays the Seller for the goods contained in this exclusivity agreement. In the event of the need for arbitration, both parties make available to the arbitrator all the necessary documents under this exclusivity agreement. The seller reserves the right to maintain and apply the minimum manufacturer`s recommended selling prices (MSRP) for all products listed. The buyer agrees to sell all products at least at the MSRP prices listed below for the duration of the exclusivity contract. The parties agree that no part of this agreement can be transferred, sold or disclosed to third parties without prior authorization. The selected arbitrator is well known in the exclusivity agreement reached and has been reviewed by all parties to the agreement. During the exclusivity period, the seller will not request, sell or advertise to other parties under this exclusivity agreement. Any disputes or controversies that may arise from the duration of this exclusivity agreement are settled through arbitration proceedings with [Arbitrator.Name], as agreed between the parties. Any communication relating to this exclusivity agreement must be sent by e-mail, in person or by authenticated mail. All costs associated with sending such a notification are the responsibility of the sender.

All notifications sent must be sent to the addresses below.