Enterprise Agreement For Religious Institute Schools Of Queensland

In recent months, your Union has concluded agreements in three colleges. The directors of the Catholic system are appreciated for their understanding and support in the ongoing negotiations on the next company agreement for teachers and general staff. Today, Catholic teachers took union action in Sydney and gathered to protest the CCER`s decision to obstruct their right to Arbitraiton in their latest company agreement. IEUA NSW/ACT Secretary John Quessy has released a video encouraging members of Catholic systemic schools to vote no to the employers` EA. In a statement released today, the president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) NSW called on employers and schools to waive employee requirements, obtain certificates and permissions from family doctors when seeking access to personal leave. As of August 2, 2017, more than 500 schools across NSW and the ACT supported the IEU`s request to begin the process of protected share voting. Faced with this overwhelming resonance, the union applied to the Fair Work Commission for Protected Action Voting Orders (PABOs). John Quessy, secretary of the EUI, released another video update on the progress of the new corporate agreement for systemic Catholic schools. In the video, Quessy explains that “the Fair Work Commission has acceded to the Union`s request for Protected Action Ballots” and that “the EU is currently negotiating with the Australian Electoral Commission the timing of these votes”. Below you will find the EUI law for new multi-company agreements that will start in 2021. After 18 months of negotiations, the EUI has finally agreed with Christian Schools Australian and Christian Education Network on a new company agreement that will apply to general staff of Christian schools. .

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