Clayton State Registration Agreement

Sign up to remove courses/registrations: How to register step by step. To sign up for courses, log on to the SWAN portal/start the DUCK (icon in the toolbar)/go to Reflection Services/Register/Create/Select course program/follow the page`s instructions. The first access to the DUCK requires a PIN code derived from your MMDDYY birthday. You must accept the registration agreement if you try to establish your course program each semester. Student Advisorment: Your graduate program manager advises and guides you through your graduate program. Contact your graduate program director as soon as possible for advice and information on registration. Your program director`s name is listed in your acceptance letter. View a list of all current graduates. If you wish to apply for a cross-application, complete the cross-application and submit it to the Chancellery (Edgewater Hall suite 239) before the published date. For more information, please contact the Chancery at (678) 466-4145 or email Rebecca Gmeiner, Chancellor of the University.

HOPE covers about half of the compulsory royalties (the state set a cap on HOPE funds a few years ago). The student is responsible for paying the balance. Admission of a student to courses at Clayton State University is conditional on the acceptance of all conditions under the registration agreement. Students must accept the mandatory terms and conditions when they enter the registration system every semester and can only register at that time. Students who do not accept the terms of the registration agreement must not enrol in courses at Clayton State University. Check student registration policies and procedures. Vaccination certificate: your vaccination history must be passed on by your doctor to the CSU form of vaccination. The form is available on the University Health Services website. If you have full records or if you already have records in the national registration and you have to transcribe them on the correct form, there is a $5.00 fee at University Health Services.

You can forward your records to the university`s health services. If you are unable to pay before the published payment period, you may be cancelled from your courses for non-payment. You can re-register at the end of the check-in period and a US$100 fee will be charged to your account. To access the DUCK, log in to SWAN. The full payment of the registration fees, fees, accommodation and restoration plan is due on the day or day of the published pre-miliation period, and no later than the first day of teaching per semester. Please check the study date on the Internet or at the end of your program/bill. Check the important record information the cross-recording may be the answer! Cross-registration is a program offered by the member institutions of the Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education, which allows you to enroll in affiliated schools while you are moving to Clayton State University. Please read all the information below before applying. We have to stick to the institution and the funder`s guidelines. Unless the donor is advised, scholarships may be refunded to help your cost of living related to your registration.

Note: If you have technical problems with SWAN or DUCK, call The HUB at (678) 466-4357. The maximum amount available after tuition is paid is $1,000. The Bucks bookstore is an unused financial aid (after classes, fees, rooms and boards) that can be placed on your LakerCard at the beginning of each semester. Bucks Bookstore can be used at Loch Shop School and Loch`s Nest to buy everything you need: textbooks, course materials, school supplies and even snacks and Clayton State equipment! They can also be used in the LakerCard Centre to purchase a commuter menu.