Camp Leaders Programme Agreement

10) Even if Smaller Earth accepts your application, there is no guarantee that a camp will offer you a summer position. An internship is based on the needs of the camp, your availability, your experience and your skills. c) For administrative costs in the United States, an additional fee will be paid on your behalf to Smaller Earth on your behalf from the warehouse where you are staying. b) Flight Provide a one-way trip to London – New York, the cost of which is covered by the fees paid by your Camp America after the operation is successful. If you decide to fly from a European airport other than London, you will be charged a surcharge (see our website). Flights are optional for applicants for recurrence and, in accordance with this agreement, your camp will be charged for the flight. Participants who are placed in California or Wisconsin, participants who opt for the “Clean Trip” option, or participants who depart from countries called “private transportation” (for example. B Australia and New Zealand) must arrange and pay for their own transportation to and from the United States. For more information on clean transportation conditions, see “Participants who organize their own transportation to and from the United States.” Payments to Camp America are down. Seasonal discounts can apply, see our website for details. United Kingdom Fees 2019/2019/20 First and recessive candidate for a new camp – with a Camp America flight fee: $45 – non-refundable, fee due for pre-interview evaluation: $170 – if your job application is accepted. Confirmation fee: $214 – due if you accept Em insurance: $200 Total Camp America Fee: $629 Primo-candidate and recessive for a new camp – organization of their own transportation costs: 45 USD – non-refundable, fee due for evaluation before interview: 170 USD – due if your application is accepted.

Confirmation fee: $214 – due if you accept design health insurance: Including Total Camp America Fee: $429 Applicants who return to the same warehouse – organization of their own transportation at U.S. application fees: $45 (non-refundable) Assessment fee: $170 Confirmation fee: $170 Medicare: Total: $385 4 Total: $385,4 Your application or any failure on your part to meet your obligations under this Agreement, including (but not limited to) non-compliance with document or payment deadlines or other factors, influence Smaller Earth`s ability to find you as an investment, Smaller Earth reserves the right to withdraw your application from the program and refunds will be made at Smaller Earth`s absolute discretion. a) Camp America bears significant costs on your behalf, while your application is reviewed by camp directors. If you resign after a successful job interview, you will expire your application fees, assessment fees and confirmation fees. (At Camp America`s discretion, exceptions may be made in certain cases of good faith illness or medical disability, as confirmed by a medical certificate, but do not contain the application fee which, in all cases, cannot be reimbursed.) If you decide to resign from the program, you must notify Camp America of your Camp America online account immediately in order to reduce or limit the penalties against. 4) For your summer camp internship and associated administration fees, a fee is charged by Smaller Earth Ltd for your camp. The fee is based on the level of qualification and age of the participant and is about $1300. The fees are paid by the summer camp; Not from you! b) Camp America requires all participants, including returnees, to conduct criminal background examinations (see our website or chat with your interviewer for details).