Agreement Vatican China

Further complicating the situation, some analysts believe that the agreement on the selection of bishops could pave the way for formal diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the People`s Republic of China. Currently, the Vatican recognizes the government of the Republic of China in Taiwan and gives Taipei its solitary diplomatic allies in Europe. The issue of the appointment of bishops has long been a stumbling block for official diplomatic relations between Beijing and the Holy See. ROME – The Vatican said Thursday it has extended an agreement with Beijing on the appointment of bishops in China, weeks after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went to the Vatican to kill him on an unsuccessful mission. Speech delivered in Milan on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first P.I.M.E. (Pontifical Institute for Missions Abroad) Missionaries in Henan, China, Cardinal Parolin noted that “misunderstandings” about the agreement have arisen “because extra-marital objectives or unrelated events concerning the life of the Catholic Church in China have been attributed to the agreement and that it is even related to political issues that have nothing to do with the agreement in fact “exclusively concerning the appointment of bishops.” Zen criticized the Vatican`s decision to keep the text of the agreement secret on October 22, as the man did with the original. The agreement reflects the Chinese government`s long-standing desire to end the Holy See`s recognition of the Taiwanese government, even as Secretary-General Xi Jinping`s Communist Party of China continues the campaign launched in spring 2018 to strengthen control of foreign religious institutions. [33] In October 2018, Chinese local authorities destroyed two Marian shrines, one in Shanxi and the other in Guizhou. [34] The Vatican newspaper reported that the popes had sought deeper relations with China before Francis and that work on the current agreement had begun under his predecessor Benedict XVI. The “priority objective” of the Agreement on the Appointment of Bishops in China is the maintenance and promotion of the proclamation of the Gospel in this country, the restoration of the full and visible unity of the Church. “The document, if it were known to all — we can know that they went to Beijing,” Zen said.

“It`s a bad deal. That`s why they don`t show anyone. On September 22, 2018, the Chinese government and the Vatican signed a landmark agreement on the appointment of bishops in China. [25] The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the agreement was aimed at maintaining communication and improving relations between the parties. [25] They had no diplomatic relations and the Vatican had diplomatic relations with the Republic of China with Taiwan[26] which the People`s Republic of China does not recognize.